Freakin’ Fabulous Freebie Friday

Jess of The Affair Shop:

Just in time for that last minute Easter Basket you are JUST NOW throwing together!
A Letter from the Easter Bunny for your little one. Totally free. Download. Print. Tada! Best parent ever! WINNING!

Originally posted on The Affair Shop Blog:

Yup. Check that alliteration out. Did my mastery of the English language just blow your mind? Good. Now check this Letter from the Easter Bunny out. It’s totally free. A holiday treat from me to you.

Just follow the link and download the High Res file. Print. Tuck into your child’s Easter basket and voila, Easter Bunny Awesomeness.

PS You breeders with multiple children, check out this version for larger families.

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Dim sum: pleasure measured plate by plate

Originally posted on Eatocracy:

(Travel + Leisure) Dim sum calls for dumplings, and about 55,000 are sold annually at State Bird Provisions in San Francisco. But not classics like shrimp-filled har gow. Chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski prefer their dumplings with guinea hen. “Dim sum service offers a slew of freedoms with our cooking,” explains Brioza, whose menu includes steak tartare in lettuce cups.

The pleasure of a dim sum meal also comes from the showmanship and ordering experience. At Seattle’s New Hong Kong, for example, carts glide past diners and attendants raise the lids off steamer baskets, bellowing out what’s inside, whether sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves or garlicky spareribs. It’s all washed down with generous cups of fragrant tea.

Read on for more of America’s best dim sum destinations, and share your favorites in the comments below.

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Easter Toddler Photos



I have to give every bit of credit for these amazing photos to Ms. Megan Jones of Megan Michael Photography in Omaha, Nebraska.

The backdrops and bunnies were by far the cutest I had ever seen. AND the bunnies were trained. Trained MODEL bunnies! They actually turned and looked at the camera when they heard her start snapping away. Amazing!


Admitedly, I walked into the photo session concerned that my 18-month-old was going to try and love on the bunnies a little too aggressively and we would end up with a squished pile of fur, but they were miniture pros. So great with the kiddos. I was stupefied.

BunnyDay1-3168 color

Amazing! I love them so much!

Happy Easter, friends!

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So deep in balls.

I am so deep in Ball stuff right now I can barely see straight. I dream of invitations, programs, step&repeats and speeches. I stress over details no one else will ever notice or think about. I’m currently so tired from staring at a Tri-Fold raffle ticket display piece…that my eyeballs may just squeeze out of my head.

Do eyeballs squeeze out of one’s head? …maybe. Mine may be the first.

I thought I had escaped gowns and dinner choices when my wedding reception ended.


One more week of crazy stress and I will be back. Back to being a working momma with a side business. No more fancy, formal ball committee until next year.

So. Deep. In. Balls.

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Does the Big Bang breakthrough offer proof of God?

Originally posted on CNN Belief Blog:

Opinion by Leslie A. Wickman, special to CNN

(CNN) The remarkable discovery, announced this week, of ripples in the space-time fabric of the universe rocked the world of science and the world of religion.

Touted as evidence for inflation (a faster-than-the-speed-of-light expansion of our universe), the new discovery of traces of gravity waves affirms scientific concepts in the fields of cosmology, general relativity, and particle physics.

The new discovery also has significant implications for the Judeo-Christian worldview, offering strong support for biblical beliefs.

Here’s how.

The prevalent theory of cosmic origins prior to the Big Bang theory was the “Steady State,” which argued that the universe has always existed, without a beginning that necessitated a cause.

However, this new evidence strongly suggests that there was a beginning to our universe.

If the universe did indeed have a beginning, by the simple logic of cause and effect, there had…

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Review Update

In the week since I received my first “bad” review, I have been BUSY.

I’ve revised my files.

Addressed paper and printing issues with my printer.

Found a new vender for my envelopes.

AND tried my best to makes things right with the unhappy customer.

Yesterday, she posted an updated review saying:

UPDATE: Jessica took action when she read my review- she reached out to me right away & addressed my concerns, Thanks Jessica!

Since that one mediocre review, I’ve received three new reviews on my Etsy page from other happy customers:

Perfect for the under the sea baby shower I was throwing, they look great and were easy to print.

I really like these.

Loved the way it came out!

I’m also excited to announce that I felt so bad for the customer who was disappointed, that I designed a Thank You card just for her! She will be receiving them in the mail in the next couple days.

I feel vindicated. Exhausted. Happy with my progress. And old.

Did I mention I turn 29 tomorrow? 29 with a husband, baby, full-time job, two dogs and a side business.

29 must be latin for ‘exhausted.’

I’m not sure what else it could possibly mean.

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