Introductions, please.

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

I didn’t know Shakespeare personally. (Wha?!) Though, I did take a class on him in college and it manhandled my psyche. Still, for some reason whenever I see this quote, I think he wrote it about me and for me.

My reputation has always been as a fierce little bitch. I’m not sure many women would be proud of that, but I am. It has never made me feel like a mean, abrasive or awkward person. In fact, despite my best efforts, I have ridiculous amounts of friends and have hosted/planned/assisted with more weddings, showers, birthdays and events than I care to think about (because all happiness for our loved ones aside, that shit gets expensive). And so it is finally that time. That time where I put all my experiences as a fledgling socialite to the test and let total strangers into my little world…via this blog…because my house is dirty so you can’t come here.

This blog will be a daily dose of event inspiration, mommy lessons, travel journals, how-to guides on being the best hostess/bridesmiad/friend etc AND a proper documentation of the beginnings of my burgeoning business, The Affair Shop.

The Affair Shop is an online Etsy store in which you can purchase custom event invites, address labels, decor and especially all those horrible shower games that are both expected and dreaded. I design, customize and email them directly to you. You print them, hand them out as yours and then sit back and bask in the praise of your lame peers who hosted that horrible shower with the “what’s in your purse” game. ‘Cause guess what? Your party just got awesome.

I promise to not hammer you with advertisements. But check me out occasionally for event inspiration, freebies for the kiddos/events, travel advise (from a mom/cop’s perspective) and anything else that strikes my fancy.



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