Pinterest of Interest Thursdays – Easter Edition

Just a few awesome Easter themed Pinterest Finds I stumbled upon today. None of those great looking links that promise DIY riches and lead to no where.

All these links have been followed up on by this girl. So check out these finds.

Using Flour to Make Easter Bunny Tracks – Can’t wait to use this when Baby gets old enough to care.


Easter Basket Tutu-torial – I’m so into home made tutus right now. Loved this!

Origami Easter Bunnies – LOVE THIS.

Easter Bunny Cookie Ears – Another great idea I’m tucking away for Baby when she’s older.

Mint Flats – So perfect for Easter. (I will unfortunately be working the night before Easter and will be going straight to Church in uncool black office clothes. But oooooo…these flats do it for me….)

Thin Mint Puppy Chow – Made these for my husband (read: me) and plan on making more for Easter. I bought Easter M&M’s and mixed them into the chow after the chocolate and sugar had settled. MMMMMM.

You’ve Been Egged Printable – I think this is so cute. It’s great for keeping Easter about Jesus.

Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs – For bigger kids but so cute. I think these would be great for Baby photo shoots…

Sweet Strawberry Easter Eggs – These are super cute and give a twist on the traditional Easter Egg.



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