Pinterest of Interest Thursdays – Mother’s Day Edition

My daughter is 6-months-old today.


You don’t have to tell me she’s cute. I know.

As such, I am pretty psyched for my first Mother’s day next month. When I asked my husband what he had planned, not so subtly hinting that he’d better have something planned…he stared forward blankly, not meeting my eyes. I’m assuming this meant he had not thought about it yet. Yet.

So, I’ve decided to dedicate this Thursday’s Pinterest blog to those Daddy’s out there without a clue. I’m doing this in April, weeks before Mother’s day, because I know it will take you that long to figure things out. Let’s get an early start then, shall we?

Forward this to your husband, baby-daddy, friends’ clueless husband etc. These are great ideas for Mommy’s day.

And as always, every one of these links has been followed up on by me. They lead to somewhere. Probably somewhere awesome. Trust me.


First Time Mother’s Day  –

Baby’s First Day Memory Box – How to display all those little mementos, she’s been saving from Baby’s First Day. OR take them into a professional framer and have them place the items (delicately) into a shadow box chosen to MATCH Baby’s nursery.

Sand Impressions of Feet/Hands – If  you’re one of those handy Dads, this one is for you. Put your child’s foot in sand and then fill with plaster. Boom. Keepsake.



Not So Lame Diaper Bag – These are hand made in France. Large enough for Baby’s stuff but not so large it looks like a diaper bag. Perfect for the stylish Mommy who is not so into bows and teddybears everywhere.


Sterling Silver Pea in a Pod Necklace – A silver pea pod with pearls inside for every child. LOVE.

Tiffany & Co. Baby Charm Necklace – Love this. If you are really looking for something flashy and special (did you forget her push present?) then this is your present. And here is the matching precious girl charm. AND THEIR ENGRAVEABLE!


Seasoned Mommies from the Kids –

A Hug! – The paper outline of your child’s hugs! So perfect to save all those hugs they grow out of too quickly. Easy to make. For every age.

LOVE sign – Another DIY sign from the kids. Not too complicated but something she’ll love forever.

LOVE Fingerpaint Art – Tape off the letters. Lay down a drop cloth. Strip your kid to their diaper. Let them go to town with some finger paint. Pull off tape when the paint has dried. Done.

 Wax Seal Baby Footprint Charm Bracelet – Engraveable with your child’s information or a special message.

Mommy Bucks – DIY notebook of coupons for Mommy to redeem! So cute AND the website has FREE DOWNLOADS of the book!



Seasoned Mommies from Daddy –

This has nothing to do with Pinterest but let me just say that a spa day goes a long way in Mommy books. Just saying.

Personalized Infinity Necklace – Personalize with your child’s initials and her birthstone. So pretty.




This Bath Caddy + quiet time = Awesome

Mother & Daughter matching Aprons – How sweet. I love these.


More to come as the big day approaches…


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