Freakin’ Fabulous Friday Freebies

Yay! I’m back! And here are your Friday Freebies:

The first is a Winnie the Pooh card meant for all those family and friends that add a little spice to your life. Perfect for any occasion.

Download. Print. Fold. Sign something sappy.

You’re pretty freakin’ amazing.

The second printable is to make up for the plague I endured last week.

Sassy Straw/Appetizer Flags.

Great for that next cocktail party or Real Housewives style dinner party.

You Stir Me Flags Sheet JPG

Download. Print. Cut. *The triangles on the left side are meant to be cut out as well. So they look like mini-flags.*

Fold the right end around a straw or toothpick. Staple.


You just made cupcake/appetizer flags and straw flags that will blow that snooty bitch’s mind when she graces your party with her presence.

Enjoy, friends. Until the next adventure…


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