Pinterest of Interest – Earth Day

When I was little, Earth Day was a big deal. We learned about conservation and recycling. We drew pictures and put on plays. We cheered and loved anything blue, green and round.

As an adult, Earth Day falls under the same category as Presidents Day and Columbus Day, ‘Holidays I Don’t Get Paid For.’

That’s not to say the holiday shouldn’t still be observed. In fact now that baby has come along, I have learned to embrace the lesser holidays. Because afterall, somebody thought they were worth celebrating and even just teaching my daughter the history behind these days is worth marking it on the calendar.

And so here you are, Pinterest of Interest (duh Duh DUH!) Earth Day Edition.

As always, all these links have been thoroughly investigated by yours truly. No dead-end pinterest links here. Check it out.

Flower Pot Parfait – Perfect for an Earth Day treat for your favorite kiddo. You can customize with their favorite icecream and toppings. Love it.

Earth Day Luminary – Cute but definitely geared to older kiddos.


Egg Carton Flower Bouquet – LOVE this for younger ones. You could make them for every relative and you are reusing those random egg cartons.

Tissue Paper Planet Earth – This is super cute and will provide hours of entertainment for your kiddos. PLUS they learn to make something actually cute for your home. (Free decorating labor? Thank you.)


“Stained Glass” Planet Earth – I initially skipped over this link because it sounded way too complicated, but actually it looks way easy and would be too cute in a window. Love it.


Earth Day marshmallows – Holy crap. I just lost my mind when I saw these.

Or go oldschool and make some easy backyard Birdfeeders.


Super Easy Earthday Ornament – Anything you can make and then eat is pretty much the greatest craft ever.

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt – Cute and creative. Love it.

Recycled Party Tassels – A shiny earth-friendly decoration for your next Earth Day party.

Upcycled Map Party Hats – Love these for any occasion. Maybe just wearing them around the house and throwing glitter at people…

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – This is so amazing. The things they have created with toilet paper rolls is insane and so damn crafty. Love it. I can’t wait to collect my empty tp skeletons and let my kiddo go at!


Check back on Friday for an Earth Day themed freebie!

– Jess


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