Freakin’ Fabulous Friday Freebies – Earth Day Edition

Earth Day Card JPG

Earth day is a hard one. In my last post I drudged up lots of cool Earth Day recipes, projects and fun activities but the constant theme was that the holiday is geared mostly to children. …and maybe dirty hippies…

With that in mind I created two Friday Freebies for you. The first is a 4×6 card to the planet. You know, to show your appreciation for it…existing.

‘Dear Earth, Happy You Day’ Card

The second is geared towards treats. Because let’s face it, the earth is cool and all but without treats, what’s the point?

Happy Earth Day Treat Tags

Print. Cut. Add to your favorite Earth Day Treat. (Earth Day Parfait, anyone?)

I also love the idea of using these as envelope sealers. Print on white full sheet labels, cut and wrap the top of the tags around the edge of an envelope. Perhaps use them to seal your sweet card to Earth? Hmmmm.

 Earth Day Treat Tags Sheet JPG

Until the next adventure,

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