To My Daughter – 5 Months Old

I started writing my daughter letters on her 5th Month birthday. Up until then I had been diligent about her baby book but when I went back to work the updates had fallen by the way side. But still wanting to document her adventures for future reference, I started writing about her throughout the month and then addressing my notes to her in a letter. My hopes are that one day she will cherish her letters. I already do.

My daughter is almost 7 months old now but I thought I would start sharing some of the ones I’ve already written in an effort to encourage others to feel less restrained by the baby book and to just let their baby know how much they are loved…

To Jillian on her 5th Month birthday,

A few nights ago you were very upset that it was taking me so long to make you a late night bottle. You screamed at me from the bedroom, your tiny little voice getting louder and louder the more angry you got. I was mixing your bottle when you wailed, “Mama!” My spine tingled. I never thought I would hear someone call me that. It was intense and made me want to cry.

You are so cute now. You are obsessed with your hands and on occasion your fingers slide down your throat and make you choke! But you keep putting those fingers in your mouth. Slobber drains down your arm when you are really excited about them and even when I take one hand away from your mouth, you quickly replace it with the other.

Everywhere we go people stop me to say how pretty you are. And what a good baby you are. “Cutest baby ever,” is often the phrase they use. Daddy and I discussed this the other night and decided we’ve never known another baby to get as many compliments as you.

Currently there is a hot debate amongst the family as to what color your hair will be. Aunt Janette and Grandma Lorie believe your hair will be red. Uncle Jared says it better not be. Your Daddy and I can’t believe that you would have red hair. How could it be anything other than brown or black?

We love you so much. You love laughing at your Daddy and cuddling with Mommy. Your latest habit is to lay next to Mommy and hold onto my face. You feel my cheeks and smile, studying very carefully.

We just took your 5 month photos. Your big blue eyes came out perfectly even when you refused to look at the camera because you were so focused on swallowing your hands.

Your Uncle Jared thinks you should be Uncle Fester for Halloween. Mommy told him he isn’t funny.

We love you so much and can’t believe how fast you are growing. Stop! The last time you were weighed you were at 12 pounds. You sleep all night without any problems but refuse to sleep anywhere but with Mommy, Daddy or Grandma.

Mommy is back to work now and it’s very hard. Daddy is working in a different town and only home once a week. Mommy wants to cry every time I leave you at Grandma’s house, but you smile and are so happy every morning when Mommy comes home.

Mommy is so excited for your first Easter. Your dress is ready. Your Easter basket is so cute. Everything is ready for the Easter bunny to visit.

We just started reading Dr. Seuss and you love Yertle the Turtle and Horton Hatches an Egg. We also love reading your Baby Bible and listening to the Disney radio channel. You are always trying to watch tv and Mommy tries her best to keep you distracted. But Grandpa and Daddy let you watch whatever you want. You especially love sports! Basketball is your favorite to watch. We even take you to Kamron’s basketball games and you love watching the boys run back and forth across the gym. I think you will be an athlete. Your Daddy is pretty sure you’re a genius. Either way we love you more than anything. You can be whatever you want as long as you are happy and healthy.

You’re starting to scootch but are not so sure about rolling yet. Uncle Jared has been trying to show you how but every time you try you bonk your head on the floor and seem shocked. The last time you looked at Uncle Jared and screamed at him. You were very upset that he tricked you.

Your newest thing is to reach for Mommy’s food. You look at everything as if you want to try it and can’t stand not being able to hold and play with it. I think you will be a good eater. Or maybe a chef.

The last time we went to the Dr, he told us how pretty you were and how advanced developmentally you are. We are so proud of you every day. And even though your Daddy can’t be around every day, he always talks to you on the phone and says, “Give Jilly a kiss for me.”

We love you more than anything,



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