Pinterest of Interest – Spring!/May Day Edition

You know the drill.

Favorite pins of the week. Spring/May Day edition. Go.

May Day Gift Tag – Free Printable! Super cute.


51 Colorful and Delicious Ways to Eat Spring Vegetables – These recipes are gorgeous! They look amazing! I’m starving now!

Sidewalk Chalk Butterfly Drawings – Aw. I love these. I’ve never been great at sidewalk art but these I could do.


April Showers Umbrella Wreath – Holy. Balls.

5 Step Guide to Growing Gorgeous Garlic – It’s SPRING! Get your garlic on!


Rose Scented Lemonade – Aw. Sweet.

Pinwheel Cake Tutorial – I am not so talented…but for those of you who are…


Berry Cake – So this does not come with a tutorial. It leads simply to the above picture but…I loved it so much I couldn’t help it. Besides, you can figure it out. Yellow/Vanilla type cake. White filling/frosting. Edible spring flowers. Berries. Boom. Spring = owned.


Lemon Blueberry Spring Treats – Mmmmmm.

Spring Sensory Mosaic – I actually said, “Aw” when I read this. It’s so sweet. If my Little One didn’t like to eat paper I would totally do this with her. The link leads to a quick baby sensory activity with tissue paper and contact paper.

15 DIY Spring Wreaths – As a huge loser, I love yarn wreaths. Love them like all those housewives loved Magic Mike. This site has some cute ideas for Spring-ish door decor.


DIY Scented Bubbles – WHAT?! Mind. Blown. This is so flippin cute I’m tempted to go out and buy the stuff to make rose scented bubbles right now!

Until tomorrow…

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