Freakin’ Fabulous Friday Freebies

Yesterday I posted a Pinterest of Interest blog citing a particular link I had stumbled across.

The blog post was a DIY recipe for creating your own scented bubbles. I loved it. It was so sweet and simple that it inspired me to add them to my Summer To Do. I am obsessed with the idea. And ofcourse the best way for me to present my favorite kiddos with these sweet presents, was to create my own packaging!

I present my inspiration:

Rose, Lemon and Lavender Scented Bubbles by Angelina at the Jojo and Eloise Blog.


Unbelievably cute, right?

I decided to create Vintage labels for each fun flavor and add them to the first vintage bottles (suitable for bubbling ofcourse) I could find. I am still searching for those perfect bottles but I have had much better luck with those labels!

And so here they are, Downloadable Vintage Bubble Labels.

Each file has three labels, a Rose Scented, Lemon Scented and Lavender Scented. AND because I could not decide between a Peach Vintage Rose set and a Green Striped Hydrangea set…you get both!

Green Striped Bubble Labels JPGPeach Bubble Labels JPG

Pick your favorite and have fun!

And a special thanks to  Angelina at the Jojo and Eloise Blog for inspiring such a fun Friday Freebie!

P.S. How amazing would these be as favors at a shower??? Just saying…

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