Mother’s Day from Jillian

I have a ridiculously cute kid. I’m just saying, she’s unbelievably cute.

Case in point:

DSC_0473 - Version 2



And as you can tell, I love to show her off. The best (and most acceptable) way to do this is holiday cards!

I love me some holiday cards. I am a huge advocate of snail mail anything. The moment when you realize someone thought enough about you to address, sign and mail you something…aw…gives you the warm fuzzies.

I may be a little too obsessed with holiday cards with my kid’s face on it… I think the extended family is probably sick of seeing her, but I don’t care. They will look at her and appreciate her overall beauty!

And what approaching holiday have I been harping on the most lately? MOTHERS DAY!

So ofcourse I had to design a Mothers Day card for all Jilly’s grandmas and great grandmas out there.

Preview of “Mothers Day to Grandma-Jilly”

What grandma doesn’t want to receive this in the mail?

And here’s another example of an easy homemade holiday card, Valentine’s Day 2013.

Preview of “Jilly'sVday2”

Stickin’ cute, right? I received  so many compliments on this Vday card.

Here’s to hoping these little samples have inspired your own Holiday cards! I think the Holiday Card tradition is falling by the wayside and it makes me so sad.

Don’t let snail mail die, people! Save the snail mail!

Create your own fabulous holiday creations and be advocate of snail mail everywhere.

Preview of “Blog Signature”


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