To My Daughter – 6 Months Old

To Jilly on her 6 Month Birthday,

Easter came and went! You loved spending the day with Mommy’s family. You received presents from Grandma, Aunt Janette and Grandma Lorie. Mommy had Easter cookies made for you to all the rest of the kids and they loved them. They love their Jilly!

You have finally mastered the art of rolling! You can roll from your back to your front and your front to your back. You roll around the room like a noisy tumbleweed until you bounce off of furniture and even then you can’t stop exploring what you bounced off of.

Great Grandpa Hank and Great Grandma Rose are in town visiting you. They just love you so much. You and Grandpa Hank spend all day talking and singing. You dance and giggle at each other. He thinks you are so beautiful and is constantly chewing on your ear.

You’re trying so hard to talk! You yell and babble and make all sorts of baby noises. My favorite is when you screech really loud and scare everyone! And then you smile and giggle.

You went in for your 6 month Dr’s visit and they gave you more shots. Poor baby cried and cried for a couple minutes until Daddy could hold you. And then you turned and looked at the nurses to yell at them. They left the room feeling very bad. They love seeing you though, even if you don’t exactly love seeing them.

The Dr told us to start solid foods at your appointment. We knew you were ready because you are always reaching for Daddy’s and Mommy’s food and drinks. We first started with rice cereal but you loved it so much and ate so well that we started bananas the same day! You love bananas. LOVE them! Mommy is so excited to start cooking homemade food for you. You’re such a good eater that when Mommy started feeding you for the first time, you did not spill, you did not spit and you ate every bite. You even opened your mouth wide! Daddy thinks you’re going to be a chef.

You love your Daddy. You especially love his hair. You sit and play with his beard and giggle when he brushes it on your face. And you even love holding onto the hair on the top of his head. As much as you love Daddy, you can’t even concentrate on other people when Mommy is around. If Daddy or anyone else is feeding you, Mommy isn’t aloud to speak because it distracts you so much.

You’re getting so big now! You weighed in at 13.5 lbs. You’re still skinny for your age but you’re getting taller. The Dr says you’ll be short like Mommy. We’ll see…

When I look at you and all the attention you get for being so pretty, I think back on when we were leaving the hospital and a nurse I had never met told me you were “something special.” She said she sees alot of babies and you were different. I believe that too, Jilly. You’re so special how can you not be meant for great things?

We love you more than anything. You are our greatest accomplishment. No matter what else we ever do, we’ll always have you.


Mommy & Daddy


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