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As usual another Pinterest Thursday. Today’s theme is Memorial Day, with a special emphasis on the upcoming, totally unappreciated holiday, Military Appreciation Day.

As a military wife, I have always celebrated this holiday. As a mother, I will be collecting fun activities for Baby and I to celebrate the holiday for Daddy.

See below for such Pinterest related activities.

Home-made Wind Sock!


Memorial Day Printables


Whoa! Perfect for picky toddlers! Mini Corn Dog Muffins!


The motherload of all 4th of July/BBQ treats.


I’m not going to lie to you, I do not have the talent to create things like this. That does not mean I do not want to.

Father's day BBQ cookies 2 015 2

That damn Martha Stewart strikes again with a slew of crazy awesome Patriotic decor!


This may be the coolest Memorial Day BBQ I have ever seen.


Not enough of us show our support anymore. Show it proudly on your door! (PS, I know how to make these! Perhaps I’ll do a tutorial soon….shhhhh….)


This is amazing. You can create a certificate for your favorite Military kiddo to show your appreciation for their support and service to the nation. Don’t forget the families of military service men and women pay their dues too.


Also, this is Law Enforcement Appreciation Week as well. So give a shout out to your favorite Cop in the area and let him know not everyone hates the uniform. (I can guarantee there are days we all feel like no one loves a good Copper anymore.)

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