Anniversary Date Fashions

So today is my husband and I’s three year anniversary. We will be sneaking off for a few hours to enjoy adult fun. I have no idea what that really means anymore but my lameness matters much less than what I plan on wearing…

And so I present to you options for any anniversary:

Look #1 – Easy, breezy, hotter than a covergirl. Romantic and casual. Perfect for a laid back night out with your love.

Anniversary Fashions #1

Look #2 – Are you one of those cool Moms? That cool laid back wifey being treated to a night out at that new trendy place and some fun cocktails you can’t pronounce? Then here you go.

Anniversary Fashions #4

Look #3 – Oh, so you’re the modern June Cleaver? Enjoy that night out, Mrs. Cleaver. Get your party on in those pearls.

Anniversary Fashions #3

Look #4 – First wedding anniversary? Are you still in that glowing honeymoon phase? Enjoy it while it lasts! Dress up and go party!

Anniversary Fashions #2

Personally, I love Option #1. My husband won’t care as long as he spots some cleavage.

Peace out, homies!


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