Jilly’s Father’s Day Cards

Having sent out ridiculously cute Mother’s Day cards to all my daughter’s grandmothers and great grandmothers (she has six), I felt it only right to send out Father’s Day cards to all the grandpas and great grandpas.

I recently designed, printed and mailed my cards. Why so early you ask? Because we’re moving, car shopping, working, watching baby etc. Life is very busy currently and I feel the only way to deal is to preplan everything. Like a boss. Or a crazy coupon lady. Either way, stuff is getting done.

I started with my favorite recent photo of my little sweetums:


I then cropped, added some text and printed.

Next I picked out some cute coordinating envelopes. This process actually went as follows:

Me to Jilly in the craft store, holding up two different blue 5×7 envelopes. She squealed and picked the teal one. Then stuck it in her mouth. Mission. Accomplished.

I was then distracted by some crazy cute mustache scrapbook paper in the paper aisle at Hobby Lobby. I bought three sheets for six envelopes and we were on our way.

I had lined envelopes before but recently realized I was making the process way too hard for myself. I once knew a guy who’s motto was “work smart not hard.” Well, okay then. I was working way too hard.

I realized the easiest way to line an envelope was to cut a rectangle from the paper the width and height of the envelope. I then trimmed about a sixteenth of an inch off the width. Next I slid the rectangle into the envelope, lining up the top of the envelope with the top of the paper. I placed a small piece of tape on the inside of the envelope, where the lining ended at the bottom. Then I licked the envelope glue and pressed my paper into the envelope seal. Done. All that was left to do was to trim the edges of my mustache paper along the edges of the envelope flap.

The end result looked like this:


Crazy cute, right?

Now to finish the whole process up and seal my envelopes, I added some washi tape I had recently hoarded from my local Michaels. The envelopes sealed perfectly and when my dad received his in the mail a few days later, it was still successfully sealed.

The back of my envelopes looked like this:


All in all, I’m pretty proud of my cards. They took very little time AND turned out ridiculously cute.

Beyond that, I feel like a small time pioneer of the envelope lining world. I’m sure some other clever Martha-esque lady has discovered and told the world of this method, but I have yet to hear about it so…I claim the bragging rights.

I intend on using this method again for a bridal shower invitation suite I have going out in a few weeks. Stand by for further updates….

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