Pinterest of Interest Thursdays

I had this Thursday scheduled for a Party Favor themed Pinterest blog. And then I started really getting into Father’s Day. SO! We’re doing a mix today. A little of this, a little of that. I also realized my husband has been spying on my blog lately and so I will NOT be posting anything even close to what I am doing for him for Father’s Day until after the big day. (Suck it, Justin.)

Try to keep up with my Pinterest ADD.

Father’s Day Fantastico:

How amazing would this be?! You make a stepping stone every year with opposite feet. Then you add them to your garden every year. I love this!


This photo idea is so ridiculously amazing. I wish my baby would sit still long enough to do it…


Seriously considering doing this one for my own dad who is extremely territorial of his crosswords…


What? Totally Random:

I mentioned my Husband’s perfect Mother’s Day present to me of a long string of pearls. How cute would these look for Baby? We’d match!


I’ve seen this idea before of a postcard journal, but now that I have a baby I’m seriously considering it.


One of my close friends ordered these for her wedding favors, Plantable Seed Paper. I LOVED them. I was stealing them from total strangers. Only slightly embarassing.


F’ing Martha Stewart strikes again! Homemade sidewalk chalk would be perfect kid’s party favors! Damn you, Martha!


That’s all I have for today. Playing sick and need to head to bed.

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