Hot Hostess Style

Do you know what matters more than the actual planning and execution of that fabulous event? The fact that you are the hottest chick at said event.

I ofcourse exclude bridal showers you are hosting and are not thrown in your honor. In which case you had better be a very close second for hotness.

Check out the Hot Hostess Looks below:


Look #1: Wine Tasting at your house. Low lights. Lipstick on wineglasses. Petite tasting plates that make you feel like a giant…an elegant giant.

Hot Hostess Style #1

Look #2: Garden Party? Tea Party? Bridal Shower? Here’s your wardrobe answer.

Hot Hostess Style - #2

Look #3: Formal Dinner. Breaking out the wedding china and stemwear? It’s time. It’s time for that Chanel moment of nude, black and gold. Do it.

Hot Hostess Style #3

Look #4: Backyard BBQ? Outdoor Kid’s Party? Boom. You’re the hottest lady there. Effortless ofcourse. Pure effortless hotness.

Hot Hostess Style #4



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