Pinterest of Interest – Hot Hostess Edition

You know what’s better than throwing an awesome party? Being the hottest chick at that party.

Check out my Pinterest finds to inspire your next Hostess look.

And as always, every one of these links has been followed up on by me. They lead to somewhere. Probably somewhere awesome. Trust me.

Black Shorts and White Blouse. Classic Hotness.

black shorts

If I had hair talent, I would do this braid. I love it. So chic.


Belted Cotton Maxi Dress. Love for a dinner party, kids party or even casual bridal shower.

I love this Brown Smoky Eye makeup. LOVE.

How to wear scarfs in your hair. Crazy cute and crafty when your damn hair just won’t stay in that damn style you’ve been coveting.


Great makeup tutorial for casual day makeup. Great for a day bbq, kids party etc.



Expensive coral maxi but beautiful.

Hot. If only we all looked like her this outfit would be so easy to pull off.


Great look for showers, kids parties, dinner parties, engagement parties, bbq’s, graduations…fiestas…etc…


The one time I’ll EVER plug David’s Bridal is for this ridiculously cute maxi dress that I cannot wear because my boobs are far too large. But flat-chested ladies unite! This dress is for you!

Another great dress for any event. Dark blue and perfect.

Mint is all the rage right now. This dress would be amazing at any event.


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Till next time…

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