To My Daughter on Her 7 Month Birthday

To My Daughter on Her 7 Month Birthday,

It’s official. You can crawl. Well, it’s more of an army crawl in which you force your sharp little nails into the carpet and pull your body along. The other day you were sitting on Mommy’s bed while I made a bottle and you inched your way to the edge of the bed. I told you to stop and you looked at Mommy with big wide eyes, freezing where you were. When I walked away, there immediately was a thump and Mommy found you laying on your back on the floor. You cried for a minute but were better as soon as Mommy had you. I thought you had learned your lesson but soon found you inching your way to the edge of the bed again and trying to lower yourself to the ground.

I think you just want your freedom to run around the house and bother the dogs.

You even hate being confined to your play pen! You scratch and pull at the netting, trying to escape! The other day Mommy caught you pulling your little chubby leg over the top of the pen and had to catch you before you fell! Since then the play pen has been adjusted and you are officially a bumbling toddler.

We celebrated Mother’s Day with Grandma, Grandpa, Daddy, Kamron and Uncle Jared last week. Mommy had to work late so you and Daddy met the family at Grandma’s house and had breakfast. Mommy made it eventually and we had fun just sitting and playing with everyone. You love Kamron. You play with his face and stare at him. But you really LOVE Grandpa. You two blow raspberries for hours until your chins are wet and red.

Mommy helped you to record a special message for Grandma. You giggled and laughed into a little recorder and we placed it into a “I Love You Grandma” book. She loved it.

You love any book. We sit on the bed and read Dr Seuss while the dogs and Daddy sit next to us. You slap at the pictures and play with the dogs while we all cuddle.

The dogs can not stand to be away from you. Poor Wookie is getting very old but he still sits protectively close to you whenever we go to Grandma’s. Angus is obsessed with you. He must be close to you at all times and sometimes gets too close for Mommy’s comfort. When you were smaller, Mommy and Daddy had to push him away from you, but now you are just as brave with Angus as anything else and you push him away without a problem. You bully that 70 pound bulldog like he is a toy. Infact, sometimes Mommy has to pull you away from the dogs because you pull and tug on them not so gently. You even like to chew on Wookie!

You are still the hit of every bbq, family gathering and party. Everyone loves Jilly and even new acquintances now say, “Jilly Bean!” Every time we go to the store, someone new approaches us to say how cute and sweet you are. You smile at everyone and love to talk to people about you life, telling them your whole story. It’s a short story but everyone loves to listen. Your favorite thing is to squeal very loudly and watch everyone turn to make sure you are okay. One day the police are going to be called because people think I’m hurting you!

You are so funny. You can’t help but chew on everything. I think you are close to cutting teeth. You love to try new foods and chew on new things. Tables, chair legs, walls, hands, dogs, spoons, toys and Mommy’s face. The last thing you want now is your binky. You throw it away! The only time you want your binky is when you are tired and fussy. Even then you just want to be held and do not care too much for the bink. I think you’re already bored with it.

Every family I meet with a little boy about your age tries to say you are their son’s new girlfriend. But don’t worry, I tell everyone you are promised to Jack Hansen. You just love him and the two of you squeal and giggle every time you see eachother.

Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything. You have changed everything. You make everything better and worth whatever we have to do.

Mommy was very scared recently when another car hit her truck while you were in the backseat. You and Mommy were okay but the truck was broken. Mommy didn’t care that the truck was broken because Jilly was safe and completely unharmed. Mommy thanked God everyday that you were safe and still happy! You cried a little bit when we were initially hit but soon you were your brave little self and calmed Mommy down. You, my favorite little brave girl, make everything okay.

We love you so much!




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