Pinterest of Interest Thursdays – Father’s Day Edition

You know that moment when you realize Father’s day is like…less than a week away and you have no idea WHAT THE HELL TO GET YOUR HUSBAND! Here you go.

And as always, every one of these links has been followed up on by me. They lead to somewhere. Probably somewhere awesome. Trust me.

From the Kids:

Daddy, A son’s first Hero, A daughter’s first Love – Daddy art with FREE PRINTABLES included. Love this.

Father‘s Day Scrapbox. Love. So sweet.


Custom Embroidered Bow Tie – “Best Dad Ever” Aw.


I love everything about this. Matching baby and daddy outfits.


From You:

iGrill. The techno geeks answer to manliness.


Does he love Duck Dynasty? Done.


Does he know every lame line to all of Will Farrell’s movies? Here. You may not get it. He does.


What is this?! A reversible Wookie jacket?! YES!


You know what’s amazing about this bag? You can totally use it as a diaper bag and still look badass since it’s a tactical cop/military backpack.


Are you a big bawler? Then this is for you.


Hours upon hours of Daddy and kiddo play time in this amazing pirate shit. Holy moly.

Check back tomorrow for further Father’s Day madness.

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