Freakin’ Fabulous Friday Freebies

Yesterday we turned over the keys to our home and took a chance on a new one. This is the first day in…well, since before my daughter was born that I haven’t been stressed with a million things hanging over my head. Packing, cleaning, moving, living in a spotless home just in case I get the call for a showing.

Finally, it’s over. Amazing. It’s like that feeling of release right after you and the hubby finally have a night alone. It’s so strange and wonderful!

And for some odd reason the new stress-free (for a few days) me came up with this: Grocery Bingo Sheet. Born of watching fried parents with a cart full of children try in vain to remember what the hell they ventured to the store for in the first place.

Print. Keep in the car for those emergency grocery trips and hand out at your discression.


Yay for mommies.

Yay for distracted kiddos.

Yay for finally selling my damn house!

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