10 Year Reunion Looks

I know it’s hard to believe because I act like I’m a 12-year-old, but I actually am quickly approaching my 10 Year Reunion.

I have nothing to wear.

I have a huge wardrobe.

I have nothing to wear.

So here it is. A couple inspirational looks. We’ll see if I’m actually capable of pulling these looks together in real life. ALSO, I am naturally a dark dresser so I’ve listed them from darkest with a bit of edge to the cozy, Mom looks. Not knocking the cozy Mom looks, I’m just saying, I always invisioned a badass look for my reunion.

1. My personal favorite. Dark and edgy. Cause I’ll cut a bitch.

10 Year Reunion.1

 2. A little less of an edge but still that dark look I love. I know this ring looks horrible in the lineup but it’s the closest to my actual engagement ring (mine is white gold though). And you know I’m breaking that sucker out for this occasion.

10 Year Reunion. 2.

3. A little Momish but I’m kindof into it.

10 Reunion.2


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