Pinterest of Interest

Have I mentioned we just bought ourselves a huge late 70’s home? We did.

Have I also mentioned that it is infact the same house my mother and I both grew up in?

It is also a huge project. Some of the bits have had costly reno’s that are amazing. Other bits are outdated and sad looking.

We are pumped. We are ready. We are completely overwhelmed.

And so today’s Pinterest of Interest is born of New Homeowners Panic. Enjoy.

This little gem gave me lots to think about: What Home Renovations Have the Best Resale Value?

(Click to enlarge)

Renovations with the Best Resale Value

Nothing is more annoying than finally finding the perfect paint color and realizing you have no idea what “sheen” means when the stoner behind the mixer asks. Meet this cheat sheet: The Ultimate Paint Cheat Sheet


How to Repaint Your Old Gross Shower Trim. Awesome.


This is by far the easiest Upholstered Headboard Tutorial I have found. It blew my mind when I read it. Duh. Why didn’t I think of that?!

how to make an upholstered headboard[10]

I love this tutorial as well for painting doors. But not only would I repaint our boring front door but also the door leading to the garage. Give our hallway that pop of color.

How to paint your frint door_thumb[4]

How To Build An Attached Pergola. Wha?


There is no tutorial with this Slide Out Shelf image. BUT I am crazy excited about the idea.


A great list of Awesome DIY Ideas for Bookshelves

Hope this inspires something in you as well! Start working on that house!


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