Freakin Fabulous Friday Freebies

I have nothing this week. I’m so lame.

But have no fear, I have collected a slew of awesome downloadable freebies from around the web for you to get your geek on.

You’re welcome.

Map of the Moon and Moon Facts Poster – How sweet is this?


I Love Everything About You Print


3D Butterfly Specimens – I’m in love with this.


Whip It Good – Kitchen Printables would be so cute for a kitchen themed bridal shower gift.


Paper Owl Boxes – I just died.


Festive Fruit Labels – For that next Fanta party.


Ice Cream Chore Trainer – I like anything you can put on your refridgerator. One day they’ll diagnose my obsession with magnets.


Bake Sale Printables – Cutest bake sales ever!



Good luck. And Godspeed.

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