To My Daughter on Her 8 Month Birthday,

To Jilly on her 8 Month Birthday,

Big things are happening! Not only have you cut TWO little teeth in your bottom gums but you are also officially crawling! Real crawling! No more belly crawling for you!

Mommy and Daddy noticed last week that you were pulling yourself to your knees and starting to sway back and forth. We thought maybe in a couple more weeks you would be attempting to awkwardly crawl. Five days later, Mommy was getting ready for work and saw little Ms. Jilly crawling across the floor like a tiny determined soldier! Mommy squeeled and you crawled right to me. I wanted to cry! You were so happy and excited! AND mobile! Good Lord, are you mobile. You are into everything now. Mommy can’t look away for a second. You chase poor Wook around the house, pulling on his tail and trying to cuddle. You try your best to wiggle your little hands into everything. It’s amazing. You have developed so fast in just a few months!

Last night, Mommy had to leave you with Grandpa to go to work. You and Mommy have been sick the last few nights and both had horrible runny noses. Grandpa was trying to wipe your nose and you started shouting at him. Grandpa swore you yelled for “Momma!” And so it is official. Confirmed by a non-biased party, your first word was Momma. And Mommy couldn’t be more proud!

But even though you and Mommy are very close and hate being seperated, you and Daddy have your own bond as well. You are so excited when you see Daddy. And Daddy swears you are bigger and heavier every time he sees you. You two love giving “Spider Man kisses” where Daddy hangs you upside down and you kiss his face all over.

Everywhere we go you still smile and greet everyone with giggles. You especially love other babies and children. You stare at them and will push Mommy out of the way to get a better look. I’ve come to realize this is your way of telling me you want your own built-in playmate at home. But for now you will have to just make due with your friends at the sitter. No more babies for now but I doubt you will be alone for long.

Mommy and Daddy are currently hustling to pack the house up and get it ready to move in a few weeks. We are planning on buying Grandma and Grandpa’s house where Mommy grew up. Your Great-Grandpa built the house and you will be the third generation to be raised there. Mommy is excited to settle in and rebuild your nursery. I have even bigger plans for a play area in the yard for you and the puppies.

Grandma and Jordane took you with them to run errands last week. While you were out on your Girl’s Day, you three visited the Humane Society. Grandma said you screamed and giggled at every puppy you saw. She said you squealed and howled at them with excitement drawing everyone’s attention and scaring some of the more timid puppies!

At 8 months old you are weighing in at 15.5 lbs. Still a bit small for your age but healthy. You’re in a funny size and wearing clothes between 3 months old up to 9 months old. Every day is a struggle to see which pants and tops fit. The best is watching Daddy trying to dress you. For future reference, do not take style advise from your father. I love him but Mommy has been dressing him since the day we met.

Speaking of Daddy, your first Father’s Day is coming up quickly. Daddy is excited to take you to your first baseball game that day. We will spend it at Great Grandpa’s for a bit and then off to the College World Series. I’m sure you will attend many more series games in the future.

I laugh to myself everytime I think of you crawling. You are still trying to figure out how to coordinate all your limbs and so you exagerate your movements. It’s ridiculously cute. You shimmy and kick your legs out. You swing your arms like you can’t judge the distance between you and the floor. It reminds Mommy of Grandpa’s Daddy who ran in the Olympic Trials with Jesse Owens. His nickname was “Spider” because his legs would move so fast people thought he had eight of them. You don’t move so fast yet but you’ll get there.

As always, Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything and everything.

Happy 8 months, baby girl.




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