Pinterest of Interest – Wine Tasting Party

Since I have been pain stakingly researching wine pairings and wine tasting protocol in preparation for the Frenchy French Bridal Shower, I thought this weeks theme could only be A Wine Tasting Party: Pinterest Style.

As always, all these links have been followed up on by moi.



1. Blackberry-Goat Cheese Bruschettini: Mmmm.

2. How To Host A Wine Tasting Party Like The Pros: Everything from wine pairing to decor to staging your chairs.

3. Preparing the Perfect Cheese Board: Style Me Pretty is always a solid resource.

4. Double-Dipped Pears: Chocolate, caramel and sweet pears. Via the Queen, Martha Stewart.

5. Anatomy of a Cheese Plate: Another Martha selection

6. Wide Education and Tasting 101: The Ins and Outs of everything Wine related. Easy to read. Easy to learn.

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