Pinterest of Interest – Trending Bridal Styling

Weddings on the brain. My Pinterest of Interest list today is all about trending Bridal hair styles for your nuptials (or friends nuptials or ideas you wish you had for your past nuptials…whatever).

All the links have been sniffed out by me. The last is kind of a classic for Pinterest but I had to include it since it’s exactly how I wore my hair for our wedding. As shown below by my own wedding nostalgia.

Preview of “Bridal Hair Looks”

1.Floral crowns are all the rage. But not like tripping acid, hippy wedding outside Woodstock floral crowns. Romantic and delicate crowns. Think Jane Austen in the English Countryside. Love it.

2.This Tumblr image is so amazing I had to atleast include it for makeup and hair inspiration. It’s classic and beautiful. I’ve always been an advocate of non-trendy looks for a wedding. After all, how many of our parents have looked back at the hot pink 80’s bridesmaid dresses and wanted to kill themselves?

3. Floral Crow – Again floral crowns are in. I love this one because of the overall style of the low messy bun and vintage gown. If you can pull this off, go for it.

4. 20’s style is hitting big with the release of Gatsby. This headpiece may be a little over the top but it’s a wedding. Go big or go home.

5. More vintage hair. This one is so retro and hot that I just about swooned when I saw it. Cute, cutey, cute, cute.

6. Hair Tutorial for Victoria Secret curls– Literally exactly how I wore my hair and LOVED it. I did not have this super easy tutorial at the time and paid my hair lady to work her magic. But it’s the same premise. I found this site a few months ago and now stalk the blogger.


Enjoy ladies. I’m all about the hair today.

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