Letter To My Daughter – At 9 Months

Dear Ms. Jillian,

9 months has come and gone. It’s amazing how mobile and active you are. If Mommy or Daddy turns their back for a second you are up the stairs or in the dog dish splashing like a fiend. You love crawling so fast across the floor that you wear yourself out! And then you just stop, lay down and take a break in the middle of the floor. Sometimes Mommy finds you laying near the dogs or playing with the vents on the floor. You love just looking and touching everything. In fact, you really love eating anything and everything you can find on the floor. Mommy and Daddy have both had to take away dog bones, dog toys, grass, sticks, dirt, flowers and especially paper. You love the taste of paper. You grind your two little teeth into anything that looks tastey.

Currently, we are working on your words and feeding yourself. Your favorites are cold peas and mushy bannanas. Grandpa says when you are trying to eat mushy bananas you look like you’re creating a piece of art on your tray. Bananas are smooshed everywhere.

You turned 9 months old on July 4th. We skipped the 4th of July parade and played in the backyard with your little pool and some sparklers. You loved the sparklers but soon were on to something else. When night fell, Mommy drove you down to watch the big fireworks. Everyone was afraid that you couldn’t handle the noise but you were unphased. You liked some of them but others you ignored so you could stare at the strangers around us instead. You were the brave little one I’ve come to know.

Since then you have been quite the little party-goer. You have been to several birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers and house warmings in the past few weeks. And at every event, you are the star. People drop everything to come chatter with you. And you love to chatter back.

We are working your words. So far the only words you say consistently are “Momma” and “Dad”. We haven’t been able to say them on que yet but we’re working hard. The other night you said, “Thank you” to Mommy and it was very sweet. You are otherwise clapping constantly and giving high-five’s to anyone who talks to you. We’ve also been working on scooting down the stairs on your backside instead of diving off the stairs onto your face. It’s a work in progress.

You and Mommy went to the Dr a couple days ago because we were both feeling sick. You weighed in at 16.2 lbs. Not alot of weight gained in the past few months but how could you gain weight when all you ever do is cardio! Even when you are in your little seats, you are boucing and running in circles. The dogs can’t stand it. They chase and push your seat all over.

Your favorite new toy is a pink motorcycle Mommy bought you. The seat raises and you push it all over the room as it plays “Walk Like an Egyptian” and “I Like to Move it, Move it”. You just love it. You also love when the seat is down and you can ride it all over the room. When someone else is pushing the motorcycle, you stand up and look around. You are quite the little daredevil.

Lately, you have been spending loads of time with Daddy on the weekend. You two run errands and go to baseball games. You take the dogs for walks and go swimming in your tiny pool. You just love your Daddy. Grandpa whines that he is “chopped liver” when your Daddy is around.

We love you with everything, little one,

Mommy and Daddy



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