Pinterest of Interest – Smartie Kids

Kids take over our lives. And even though they are supposed to be the center of everything at all times…the best of us slip. We become involved and consumed with the drama of everyday adult business.

Here’s a few Pinterest of Interest links to bring you back to center. To remind you of all the easy daily things we can do to raise the kind of people we all aspire to be.

Preview of “Smartie Kids Pinterest”

1. Star Memory Game Free Printable – Love this! So creative and simple. Who doesn’t love the Memory Game?

2. Chore System – Not sure if I could implement this since I can’t even pick up my own bedroom…

3. Tips for Raising Geniuses – I love infographics. In alot of ways I am a small child…and everybody loves a picture book.

4. Health Finger Foods to Feed Babies! – Another infographic that blew my mind. I kindof wing alot of stuff when it comes to my baby but have always been hesitant with new foods. This helped ALOT.

5. Safety Skills to Teach Your Children – Love. I can’t get enough of safety skills. Seriously. If you click on none of the rest, make sure to check this one out.

6. Random Acts of Kindness List for Children – Aw. My little heart just melted. How to raise kind children. Through LISTS! I love a good list.

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