Style Like A Princess

We all love Kate Middleton. Even you haters being all, “I don’t get the big deal. Women have babies every day. Who cares about some royal baby?” I do. So shut your stupid face.

So ofcourse when I found this blurb on about how to style yourself like the Princess, I clicked my little heart out.

“This limited-edition line will be available starting August 8 in Banana Republic stores and on and it includes nearly 40 pieces, from dresses and clutches to bangles and totes. And everything is $150 or less! Check out some of the new styles below—including one that has us reminiscing about that blue engagement dress!”


Royal Blue Wrap-Tie Dress
Royal Blue ¾-Sleeve Wrap-Tie Dress, $130.00; Cognac Envelope Clutch, $98.00

Now tell me you didn’t just add August 8th to your calendar and plan to snatch this little piece up. Because this girl sure plans on it.

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