Freakin’ Fabulous Friday Freebies – Baby Style.

Yup. I’m in full-on baby mode. No. I’m not pregnant/gettingpregnant/menstruating/whatever. I’m just hitting that stage of Mommy-dom where I realize my baby is getting older and it’s freaking me out.

I work with my 10-month-old every day on flash cards. I realize it’s early but I figure it’s better now than way later when her brain is already full of way too many nasty words from her foul-mouthed mother. We work regularly on animal flash cards and sometimes I throw in a few Presidential ones, just so she knows the key characters of her history. (She holds onto the FDR card all day.)

This weeks Freebie is an easy printable/FREE game for your little one. Print. Cut. Match the word to the cutey picture. Easy. Go.

Memory/Word Association Sea Life Game

Preview of “Sea Memory-Association Game”


Also, as an update to my post on Dressing Like A Princess…let’s just say, busty girls need not apply for this particular line of dresses…


Preview of “Blog Signature”


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