Pinterest of Interest – Traveling Momma Edition

Our first big family trip is on the horizon. Four plane rides, a week in a far away city and tons of family to visit…I’ve been mentally packing for weeks. We have the travel stroller, the diapers, the formula, her clothes, shoes, hats and coats in case it’s cold, packed food in case we’re trapped on the plane for days and everything else you can possibly imagine EXCEPT … for Mommy’s clothes.


We tend to forget ourselves. A funny thing considering we were at one point the center of our own universes for a time.

But not only am I packing for the first trip I’ve been able to take in years (due to pregnancy and baby) but it’s also my first autumn trip in ages! FALL clothes, baby!

Check out my favorite fall looks for the traveling Momma.

Preview of “Travelling Momma”

1. Been eye-balling these boot socks for months. $34. SOLD! The Lacey Lou Gold Openwork Leg Warmers

2. I’m obsessed with this look, minus the bag. I mean seriously, I can’t stand skin bags. How old are we? 90? 10 Great Winter Looks

3. Such cute Autumn hair inspiration. Alex Crabtree’s Hair & Makeup Blog.

4. Well ofcourse I’m obsessed with this $1200 Burberry coat. Someone should buy it for me.

5. Check out this great Instagram feed for fabulous style inspiration.

6. How amazing would these be for EVERYTHING!


Later, comrades!

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