Little Peanut Baby Shower

I have secretly been planning my girlfriend’s baby shower since she sent me an Easter Egg with her pregnancy announcement.

Unfortunately, there were so many scheduling conflicts between myself, the Preggers and the other two hosts, that I had to settle with handing over most of the responsibilities. I also had to fly back into town the day before the shower to clean my house and prep for dozens of ladies hungry for baby eye-candy.

But despite desperately painting the living room the night before our guests arrived, the house was ready and soon the other two hosts assembled. It was pretty much like any great superhero team. We came, we arranged, we conquered the world/baby shower.

Hostess #1 provided the cake, decorations, popcorn favors and some food.

Hostess #2 provided the rest of the food and game prizes.

Me? I provided the stage, invitations, games, guestbook, Diaper Cake and thank you’s for the Mommy-to-be.

Preview of “Little Peanut Baby Shower Flyer”

I was planning this post in my head a month ago…but then I got sick and I didn’t take any pictures at the actual shower. But it was beautiful. Trust me.

The Mommy-to-Be looked perfect in her purple maxi dress. Piles of gifts were spilling into side rooms. And the food looked great…but noone ate it.

Honest to God, I have no idea why noone was eating. I was stuffing my stupid face with prosciutto wrapped mozzarella and thai spiced meatballs. Skinny bitches were apparently too good for our goodies.

The games went over very well. We played a Celebrity Baby Name Game in which one very bored housewife got every single answer correct. EVEN THE BONUS QUESTION of name ALL of Angelina Jolie’s children. All six of them she rattled off like she was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I had to google the answer. Ridiculous.


The Wishes for Baby game was by far my favorite as everyone managed to think of atleast one really cute answer. One of my favorites was “I hope you are: tall. Chicks dig tall guys.” I laughed until my full belly rolled and I realized I had eaten too much. I had no extras of the game because the Mommy-To-Be took them to family who couldn’t make it so they were included. Very sweet.

Wishes Preview

By the time we made it to the Little Peanut Gift Bingo game, we were out of prizes. We instead began throwing the popcorn favors at people as they shouted Bingo. This ofcourse brought an entirely new aspect to the shower. One I am used to. Target practice.

The Thanks You’s and Guestbook were simple and cute with the Little Peanut theme sewn throughout. Mommy-To-Be loves her some elephants (who doesn’t?) and they were worked into every aspect of the shower.


The popcorn favors were small plastic bags of popcorn wrapped with ribbon and stickers that I designed that said, “Ready to Pop!” They were crazy cute and gone immediately.

I also managed to create a three tier diaper cake for the first time in my life. It took some time but very little effort. Simple and cute with chevron ribbon and a little elephant rattle perched on top. Again. No pictures. I suck. BUT I plan on completing an easy tutorial soon for all of you who are interested and intimidated by the prospect.

As always, you can purchase the invitation suite on my Etsy page here. And if you are interested in the shower game set, message me and I will list them for you immediately.

I am currently adjusting to a new/much better schedule after a sudden promotion and a crazy move that has been months in the making. So for now my blog is sparse. My Etsy page is left wanting. But my life is busy and my kid is walking…so Mommy-dom continues.

Also, I just joined Instagram. I’m not good at it. I don’t understand it. But if you want to follow my aimless musings, check me out @theaffairshop.

Peace out, home skillet.


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