Pinterest of Interest – Bachelorette Party Looks

My girlfriend’s wedding is quickly approaching. We’re down to a matter of days.

Next weekend is the bachelorette party and because of an odd assortment of women gathering for the occasion, I requested the guests wear their favorite LBD.

In celebration of this, I present a selection of Little Black Dresses from every corner of Pinterest. A great assortment of styles and prices.

So go ahead and find that perfect little black dress for your Bitchin Bachelorette Party!

1. French Connection Comet Stretch Dress with Lace Detail – $143.45. Love me some French Connection. If you have the petite frame these kinds of body conscious dresses are made for, go for it, bitch.

2. Swathed in Suave Dress – $49.99. Whoa. Talk about old school lingerie in a hot LBD.

3. Ella Moss Tabitha Solid Dress – $188. A little rock n’ roll and a little dirty school girl. Bachelorette? Yes, please.

4. Cotton Spandex Underwire Bustier Skater Dress – $54. I’m all about any dress that pushes my ladies up even further.

5. Anthropologie At Dusk Dress – $298. Looking for something a little less “crazy slutty weiner party?” Look no further.

6. H&M Lace Dress – $24. But just in case you were looking for that “crazy slutty weiner party,” look no further.

Preview of “LBD's”


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