New In The Shop

Check it. I have managed to rally up some new items in the shop recently. My favorite is the bachelorette invitation at the bottom  but be advised, it is for adults…so don’t be flashing this sucker at the youngins.

First up, NEW activity sheets for your littlest guests at that upcoming baby shower. These can be modified to most themes, just contact me.

Preview of “Baby Boy Stork Activity Sheet”

Preview of “Sarah's Activity Sheet”


Just print on any standard letter size sheet of paper and you’re ready to go.

Next is the Bachelorette Invites designed for the upcoming Bachelorette Party hosted by yours truly. But hey! You can buy them here!

Preview of “Bachelorette Flyer”


The trick is, you fold this 15×7″ file into three 5×7 sides. The first reads “An Epic Night For Cock” and just when your guests are completely shocked and disgusted by your appallingly crass sense of humor… you make them feel ashamed for their dirty mind. Oh you meant cocktails…(awkward silence)…

Oh and yes, the Bride’s name is written is wieners. Ofcourse it is.

ALSO, check me out on Instagram! I know I’m pushing it hard lately but it’s depressing how few followers I have…sigh…@theaffairshop

Preview of “Blog Signature”


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