Letter to My Daughter – 10 Months

Dear Baby,

Since I last wrote to you, you have started walking! Your first couple steps were with both Daddy, Mommy, Kamron and Grandpa. You and Daddy were practicing your steps on the floor when you staggered toward him unassisted. He started yelling and everyone came running. Soon enough you were walking four or five steps, smiling and laughing. You’re still unsteady but the family has made a game of sitting in a circle and letting you walk and bounce between us. You are the fastest learner I’ve ever seen. Keep it up, baby!

You also went swimming in a real pool for the first time. Grandma thought you would be intimidated by the water but Mommy has learned to expect more. We waded into the pool and after a moment of looking around, you were delighted. You splashed and laughed. You dunked your face in the water without being persuaded and soon we realized you were drinking the pool water! After that it was a struggle to keep you from dipping your face in the water for a drink. You were so funny and had such a great time. Mommy was ofcourse ridiculously proud of you as always.

We are still constantly working on your words. You have mastered Momma and Daddy and moved on to “Angus,” “Wook,” “Papa” and “turkey.” Turkey was kindof a surprise but we’ve been working on animal flashcards and apparently the turkey was the most appealing. We’re not sure when “emu” and “anteater” will make their appearance in your vocabulary.

You have begun feeding yourself and outgrown baby food. You love fresh fruit and veggies. Avocados are constantly smeared all over your highchair and hair. Bananas are definitely the favorite though. Recently you’ve shown an affinity for yogurt and when you’re waiting for your next bite, you open your mouth and yell. So impatient!

Mommy and Daddy can’t leave you alone for a second. You are into everything. Eating dog food or pulling out Tupperware. Pulling open drawers or magicianing yourself past a stair gate. You are so smart and so stubborn! It’s terrifying.

We love you so much. You are the beginning and end to our every day.

We love you so much!



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