DIY Dinosaur Corn Cob Holder– Corn’a’saurus (Corn-oh-sore-us)

How stinkin cute is this!

DIY Dinosaur Corn Cobb Holder

Introducing the – Corn’a’saurus (Corn-oh-sore-us).

A dinosaur that inhabits dinner plates around the world and loves to watch kids eat their veggies.

These are so incredibly easy to make and my kids just LOVE them!

How to – 

We found some soft rubbery dinosaurs at about local toy shop (Toyworld) for $2 each and used some regular corn on the cobb holders.

The making process is simple – Start by washing your Dinosaurs thoroughy before cutting them in half using some sharp kitchen scissors. Remove the stuffing & glue the corn holder handels inside the hollow dinosaurs using a hot glue gun…I placed the glue towards the far end of the hollow space to ensure it wouldn’t be eaten ;).

DIY Dinosaur Corn Cobb Holder


Once the dinosaurs have fully dried you can use them on your corn! My son loves his corn…but I’ve never seem him more excited to eat THIS corn.

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