Pumpkin Patch Themed Birthday Invitations!

Jilly is soon to turn 1 year old. ONE! I can hardly wrap my head around my 5 lb 9 oz premie marching across the room like a tiny soldier with Dr. Brown hair.

To celebrate we are planning a birthday party/house warming/autumn bbq for both our family and close friends.

I started the planning by deciding we HAD to do a pumpkin patch theme. We have a local pumpkin patch that has become a regional treasure. Everyone I know has grown up visiting every fall and now takes their children for turkey legs, fat pumpkin pies and chocolate covered apples. Holy cow. My mouth just started watering.

My first thought was we should plan the party at the pumpkin patch. Then I realized: A. I am not rich. B. My kid will not remember if I spend $600 hosting some crazy party in her honor.

Being the realist that I am, we are hosting the party at our home and have made the theme, Pumpkin Patch Fun!

I will no doubt update you as my planning process progresses but until then feast your eyes on step 1: Sending out cute pictures of my kid.

Preview of “Jilly's Bday Blog Preview”

And this is how the whole suite looked when it was sent out…


I even managed to find some cute autumn flower themed stamps! Boom. Mom rules.



Fun, right? She’s pretty excited.

And ofcourse so is Mommy.

As always, you can purchase the entire suite on my Etsy page.

It’s fall, ya’ll!

Preview of “Blog Signature”


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