Letter to My Daughter – 11 Months

Three teeth. You officially have three teeth. Two on the bottom and one on the top. And you love to grind them…which just drives Daddy crazy.

You also are walking like a pro. At first it was a couple steps. Then it was a few more but always with the help of whoever was nearby. You always wanted to hold Mommy’s hand when you walked. Now you have mastered walking without Mommy but you still hold my hand. Daddy loves to sit on the couch and give you a bite of something good, then watch you walk around the room and come back to him for the next bite. He says you’re doing “laps.” Just getting your exercise.

We recently took your first plane trip to Washington State to visit Daddy’s family. You slept through your first plane ride. Daddy had to wake you up as we were landing. The second plane ride you were wide awake and harassing the people sitting next to us. You waved and giggled at everyone. You tugged on people’s shirts and wanted to hold their hands. Everyone loved you. The TSA ladies at the Denver International Airport voted you the cutest baby all day. And at one point you had everyone in the terminal laughing as you hung on to the handle of Mommy’s carry on luggage and let yourself be dragged from gate to gate. You were the best little traveler. I couldn’t have asked for a better baby.

When we arrived in Washington you were a huge hit with the family. They just loved you and you couldn’t stop playing with your cousin Scarlett. Though you were a little too rough at times, you two played for hours. You bounced from relative to relative, meeting everyone and smiling for dozens of pictures, again I couldn’t have asked for a better baby. You were such a trooper.

Grandpa Hank thought you and Scarlett were hilarious as you two stood next to his chair with your mouths open like little birds. He took turns feeding you each snacks until your little bellies stuck out over the top of your tutus.

We took our first Ferry ride as well! You stared at the water and watched all the sea birds fly but you seemed more entertained by walking laps around the boat and eating ripe nectarines with Grandma Kathy. We strolled around docks and explored gardens on the San Juan islands. You slept most of the time. It was the walking that you wanted. You weren’t steady enough to walk far on your own yet, but you were working hard at it.

We’re planning your first birthday party soon. It makes Mommy happy and sad. You’re so sweet and perfect that a year seems too much. Mommy can’t handle you getting any bigger.  I remember you laying in the NICU with your little sunglasses on, so small that everyone thought they would break you. And then when you first came home and refused to be separated from Mommy. You slept on my chest all day long, so small and light.

Now when you lay on Mommy your feet sprawl past my hips. You snore and smile in your sleep. You pull on Mommy’s hair and try to cuddle with the puppies. You have grown so much.

You are so smart and so tough. You learn everything like a large sponge with legs. You’ve started blowing kisses, giving high 5’s, waving bye, holding hands and laughing at Mommy and Daddy non stop. You are the funniest little kid I’ve ever met.

Today Mommy changed the channel on Daddy’s tv to an educational program. You had the remote within moments and had changed the channel back to football. The two of you are a little too alike. But it makes me feel better that you are starting to look more and more like Mommy. Your hair is finally coming in but it is still very blonde. I’ll deny to anyone who asks that it is blonde…but it is definitely blonde. I am confident that one day people will believe you are my child. Until then, it will have to be your toughness that proves it.

Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything. Everything we do and will ever do is for you.

Happy 11 months, little one.




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