Freakin’ Fabulous Friday Freebie – Dirty Pictionary

Yes. It has been a very long time since I offered a Freebie. But give me a break. I have a life too, homies!

Remember when I told you what a huge success the Dirty Pictionary game was at the recent bachelorette party I hosted? (Check all the details out here.)

Well, here’s your key to making such an easy (totally sweet) game work for you. Print off these Dirty Pictionary Clues, cut and throw them in a hat/bowl/Pimp cup or whatever roundish container you have available. Drag out some paper and a sharpie. Boom. Dirty Pictionary is born.

Dirty Pictionary Clues

CAUTION! This is a VERY adult game full of sex, sex and more sex. I highly recommend it for bachelorette parties, nights out with the girls, sex toy parties and even divorce parties.

Even though I’ve mentioned mostly female get-togethers, let me warn you that if you play this game at a Unisex party, the boys will get VERY competitive. In fact, the Bride who’s bachelorette party I hosted, is planning on playing the game at their upcoming Christmas party!

Again, this game is awesome and watching a bunch of men draw “Nipple Tassels” while their friends are yelling “Lactation!” will make for one of your all-time Life Highlights.

Let me know what you think!

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