2014 Bucket List

Years ago I wrote my Bucket List. I wrote it in a pretty notebook that went on a shelf and then into a box. I recently found that list and scratched off, “Have a kid.” That was it.
I suppose I shouldn’t feel that bad considering how much effort went into making that one kid. And since making her there’s the constant care and attention that a toddler needs. Especially one with my temper and her father’s constant need to push buttons (literally and figuratively).

But it occurred to me as I scratched that one accomplishment off my list that my bucket list had been goals for a lifetime. Maybe what I needed to mark my progress were slightly more achievable goals for a finite amount of time. Perhaps a year…

Duh. I should create a bucket list for 2014! After all, the sound of “2014” brings images of great space wonders and futuristic gadgets to mind, I might as well set some awesome goals for myself.

And with that I present my 2014 Bucket List:

1. Be a better mom.
2. Appreciate how awesome a mom I am.
3. Be patient with my husband.
4. Take my dad to the zoo.
5. Take my mom to a concert.
6. Take a family vacation…and relax.
7. Give up coffee for a month…or a week.
8. Determine a more consistent workout regimen that doesn’t revolve around chasing my dogs while Baby sleeps.
9. Speaking of babies, work on baby #2.
10. Make Baby’s nursery magical.
11. Take my husband out on a fancy date involving a dress and steak.
12. Relearn how to walk in heels without looking pained.
13. Build my business!
14. Blog at least three times a week.
15. Go on an adventure….alone.
16. Enroll in at least two “Mommy & Me” classes.
17. Go to church more often.
18. Try a new recipe once a week.
19. Host a fancy dinner party.
20. Take Baby to two museums I’ve never been to.
21. Grow the gonads to pay for a booth at a bridal show.
22. Make my official will and start a funeral fund. (Depressing but needs to be done.)
23. Repaint, redecorate the master suite.
24. Successfully conduct monthly giveaways for The Affair Shop.
25. Make more Mommy-Daddy time !

This little project was a weird sort of therapy for me. I suggest it when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life or just unfocused.

And I also expect everyone who reads this (maybe it’ll just be my parents and some friends) to keep me on track.

Good luck!

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