Pinterest of Interest – Toddler Valentines Day Party

As I’ve said before…I’m not a huge fan of glitter. Not only does it look cheesy and tacky but it gets all over your house. I hate Christmas cards with glitter. I will check the envelope for the hint of a stray sparkle and slowly tuck the entire thing into a drawer without opening. It’s how I live my life. Anti-glitter. Anti-tacky.

With that in mind, I decided to host a small Valentines Day get together for some of my favorite (younger) kiddos. No one allowed over 3. I thought it would be a great oportunity for the babies to play without being tackled or run over by the “big kids.” I am planning on a small group of five or six kids and maybe a few of their parents on a cozy saturday afternoon. A relaxed and kid-friendly Vday party.

With that said, enjoy some of my favorite Vday finds on Pinterest this week.

As always, all of these links go somewhere. They’ve been followed up on and found to be worth a look.

Preview of “Toddler Vday Party”

1. Valentine’s Day Toddler Discovery Box – No Time For Flashcards

2. Chocolate Dipped Wafer Cookies – Flour On My Face

3. Balloon False Ceiling – Wants and Wishes: Party Planning

4. Travel Activities for Toddlers – Salty Cinderella

5. Valentine’s Sensory Play with Colored Rice – Lean, Play, Imagine

6. Toddler Valentine Snacks – The Baby Steps Blog

Stay tuned for more Toddler Vday Party details!

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