Pumpkin Patch Themed First Birthday Party

This blog is so, way, incredibly past OVERDUE! My daughter is now 15 months old. And yet I have posted nothing in regards to the giant first birthday party we planned for months.

Worst. Mom. Ever.

So here goes, the EPIC blog you have been waiting for:

Jilly’s First Birthday Spectacular!

I started with invitations which I discussed previously here. I love simple baby styling. More modern with a hint of industrial/rustic undertones and less…leopard print with pink glitter….

Preview of “Jilly's Bday Blog Preview”

I mailed them like this…


The final headcount was for 55. I realize this is alot but I have a huge local family and small family gatherings are unheard of in the midwest.

I then went about recruiting my husband and family into cooking. My husband, self-proclaimed Grill Master, picked up 13 pounds of beef brisket, 12 pounds of pork butt and one 4 pound chicken. The formula he usually operates by is half a pound of meat per person. (This formula is tried and true!)

The rest of the menu went as follows:

9x 13 pan of Baked ooey Macaroni & Cheese

9 x 13 pan of  Cheesey Hashbrown Casserole (Contributed by my mother.)

giant pot of Chicken and Sweet Potato Risotto (I referenced this recipe in my Fall Party Blog)

5 pounds of Potato Salad (Contributed by my aunt.)

4 bags of Hawaiin sweet rolls

1 Apple Pie

1 Carmel Apple Pie (Purchased at a local bakery.)

1 Pumpkin Pie

1 batch of Smores cupcakes

1 batch of pumpkin muffins (Purchased at a local bakery.)

1 peach cobbler

THE birthday cake (Purchased at a local bakery.)

The brisket, risotto, hashbrown casserole and potato salad received rave reviews. The down side being that because people filled up on so much food there were several deserts left untouched. But really having your guests leave full and happy is way better than them filling up on snacks because they’re starving. BONUS: You get to eat awesome desert for a week after the party.

Preview of “Patch Party”

The front entry of our new house looked like this: (It was super easy. 2 plastic pumpkins. black sharpie. boom.)


I planned just a couple activities for the children attending because I counted on most of them entertaining themselves outside in the yard…which they did…for hours. The biggest hit of the party was the Pumpkin Decorating Station.


I bought two bags of six mini “pie pumpkins” at a local hardware store. I had planned to place glitter, glue sticks and markers at the designated station but began having nightmares about glitter covered children sliding down my freshly painted walls. Instead, I found a kit at Target of styrofoam noses, eyes and mouths that were self-adhesive. Whew! Dodged a bullet there. The kids decorated their pumpkins, labeled them for display with forest animal themed labels and then took their prize home at the end of the night.


My daughter stared at her guests as they sang Happy Birthday and tore apart a huge cupcake covered in frosting.

Though the party started at 2, we had guests linger until 10.

My daughter was delighted.

My husband was drunk with brisket praise.

I. Was. Exhausted.

DSC_0969 - Version 2

Until next time…

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