Guns & Balls.

I am on a committee to plan the first Police Officers Ball in our area in a decade. I found myself on this list after answering a chain email asking for help. I then caught swine flu after a particularly aggressive cuddlefest with my daughter and was sick for a week. When I returned I had assignments and responsibilities.

So now I’m planning a ball (when I’ve never been to one) for lots of armed people. Awesome.

To be fair, I’m not doing much of the planning. I’m an amazing “brain storm” girl but with my current work load/baby load/side work load, there’s no way I can do much more than theorize great party plans and contribute some design work. (Also, my idea of a “Prom Themed Ball” didn’t go over real well.)

To top things off, I was guilted into raising the money for/gathering the ingredients for AND building several gift baskets that would be raffled off at a separate fundraiser a couple weeks from now. I have an addiction to fundraisers. I love them.

So here I go on another whirlwind season of planning.

On a side note, I have completed my new office and simply need to collect the masses of children’s’ books/socks/toys that gather on the floor and pictures of the complete project will be up soon. (Additional side note, it’s badass.)

For now I shall leave you with yet another promise to return soon…and this…


Yup. That’s my daughter’s awesome Valentines Day card to all of our family. Saving that one for the Wedding Video!!!

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