First Bad Review. Bummer.

I’ve always been a twisted sort of perfectionist. Hardcore into the details when I’m doing well and very “Fuck this!” when I’m not. That is ofcourse a rather large personality flaw when running your own small business.

Unfortunately, I received my very first poor review on Etsy tonight. I’m bummed. Out of five stars, I received three.

My first thought was to question every single decision I had so far made with my business.

What was I doing? Why did I start this business? Why do I suck so bad?

The review said my response time and service were great but they were disappointed in the invitation print quality and envelopes. SAD!

But despite that nagging, crappy feeling in the pit of my stomach, I remembered that I am a badass. I can do pretty much anything.

I put my big girl pants on and immediately responded to the customer with a refund and apology.

I have already ordered new envelopes AND arranged for a meeting with my printer to discuss other paper options.


I’m still sad. I love working with my customers. I’m psyched to meet with brides and to hand customers their finished products! I love receiving emails with pictures and feedback!

But I have decided to think of this incident as a speed bump…

I once launched a work car off of a speed bump going 65 miles an hour. It was awesome and very Hollywood. I kept control of the vehicle and landed it flawlessly….much to the surprise of my partner who had a slight concussion from slamming into the roof of the car.

I guess I’ll just launch my little business off this speed bump, land it perfectly and bow afterwards.

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