Review Update

In the week since I received my first “bad” review, I have been BUSY.

I’ve revised my files.

Addressed paper and printing issues with my printer.

Found a new vender for my envelopes.

AND tried my best to makes things right with the unhappy customer.

Yesterday, she posted an updated review saying:

UPDATE: Jessica took action when she read my review- she reached out to me right away & addressed my concerns, Thanks Jessica!

Since that one mediocre review, I’ve received three new reviews on my Etsy page from other happy customers:

Perfect for the under the sea baby shower I was throwing, they look great and were easy to print.

I really like these.

Loved the way it came out!

I’m also excited to announce that I felt so bad for the customer who was disappointed, that I designed a Thank You card just for her! She will be receiving them in the mail in the next couple days.

I feel vindicated. Exhausted. Happy with my progress. And old.

Did I mention I turn 29 tomorrow? 29 with a husband, baby, full-time job, two dogs and a side business.

29 must be latin for ‘exhausted.’

I’m not sure what else it could possibly mean.

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