The Return

A lot can happen in a year. Baby #1 becomes a sweet, crazy-haired toddler who suddenly has classes, play dates and a schedule. Baby #2 arrives and quickly throws our house into chaos. Add to that an expanding business. Promotions. Events. New adventures. And quickly the year can get away from you.

2015 arrived 5 months ago but in my head I’m still recovering from Christmas. How did May sneak up on me? Just weeks ago I was counting down the days until I could squeeze out Baby #2 and be done with the misery of pregnancy. And suddenly I’m almost two weeks into my maternity leave, still wearing pajamas most days and watching trashy tv to keep me awake. (By the way, have you watched ‘Louie’? What the hell is wrong with that guy?)

Long story short, I’m back. I’m blogging. I’m designing. I’m surviving two children.

It’s time to update you on all the sweet happenings of the last year and get working on the brand new stuff I’ve been brain storming. Be ready. It’s going down.

**Photo Credit: Megan Michael Photography, Omaha, Nebraska

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