Pampers Rewards Codes

Hey Mommas,

Anyone looking for Pampers Rewards codes, here are two of my latest:



Thank me later!

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Random Christmas Freebie

I realize that we are only a few days off from Thanksgiving…but I can’t stop thinking about Christmas. AND in celebration of my family getting our Christmas cards printed today, I am posting a Christmas freebie way in advance!

Happy HOLLA Days gift tags! Amazing!

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Download here. Print. Label those awesome presents. Accept praise.


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Freakin’ Fabulous Friday Freebies – Baby Style.

Yup. I’m in full-on baby mode. No. I’m not pregnant/gettingpregnant/menstruating/whatever. I’m just hitting that stage of Mommy-dom where I realize my baby is getting older and it’s freaking me out.

I work with my 10-month-old every day on flash cards. I realize it’s early but I figure it’s better now than way later when her brain is already full of way too many nasty words from her foul-mouthed mother. We work regularly on animal flash cards and sometimes I throw in a few Presidential ones, just so she knows the key characters of her history. (She holds onto the FDR card all day.)

This weeks Freebie is an easy printable/FREE game for your little one. Print. Cut. Match the word to the cutey picture. Easy. Go.

Memory/Word Association Sea Life Game

Preview of “Sea Memory-Association Game”


Also, as an update to my post on Dressing Like A Princess…let’s just say, busty girls need not apply for this particular line of dresses…


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Pinterest of Interest – Smartie Kids

Kids take over our lives. And even though they are supposed to be the center of everything at all times…the best of us slip. We become involved and consumed with the drama of everyday adult business.

Here’s a few Pinterest of Interest links to bring you back to center. To remind you of all the easy daily things we can do to raise the kind of people we all aspire to be.

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1. Star Memory Game Free Printable – Love this! So creative and simple. Who doesn’t love the Memory Game?

2. Chore System – Not sure if I could implement this since I can’t even pick up my own bedroom…

3. Tips for Raising Geniuses – I love infographics. In alot of ways I am a small child…and everybody loves a picture book.

4. Health Finger Foods to Feed Babies! – Another infographic that blew my mind. I kindof wing alot of stuff when it comes to my baby but have always been hesitant with new foods. This helped ALOT.

5. Safety Skills to Teach Your Children – Love. I can’t get enough of safety skills. Seriously. If you click on none of the rest, make sure to check this one out.

6. Random Acts of Kindness List for Children – Aw. My little heart just melted. How to raise kind children. Through LISTS! I love a good list.

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Freakin’ Fabulous (Not so) Friday Freebie

I acknowledge my recent inconsistencies when it comes to the Friday Freebie. I offer no other explanation then, shit got real. Life has been crazy. If you are a Mom/Wife/Friend/SerialKiller/PersonOfInterest/PersonOfNoInterest you completely understand.

In light of this, I offer this downloadable freebie on a day other than Friday.

Crazy cute. Crazy simple. A little hippie. A little yuppie. All party.

The HollyHock Party invites. Download. Print. Write your fabulousness in the blanks. Dispense.

Preview of “HollyHocks Party Invitation”

Use as you wish.

Later, OG’s.

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Freakin Fabulous Friday Freebies

I have nothing this week. I’m so lame.

But have no fear, I have collected a slew of awesome downloadable freebies from around the web for you to get your geek on.

You’re welcome.

Map of the Moon and Moon Facts Poster – How sweet is this?


I Love Everything About You Print


3D Butterfly Specimens – I’m in love with this.


Whip It Good – Kitchen Printables would be so cute for a kitchen themed bridal shower gift.


Paper Owl Boxes – I just died.


Festive Fruit Labels – For that next Fanta party.


Ice Cream Chore Trainer – I like anything you can put on your refridgerator. One day they’ll diagnose my obsession with magnets.


Bake Sale Printables – Cutest bake sales ever!



Good luck. And Godspeed.

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Freakin’ Fabulous Friday Freebies

Yesterday we turned over the keys to our home and took a chance on a new one. This is the first day in…well, since before my daughter was born that I haven’t been stressed with a million things hanging over my head. Packing, cleaning, moving, living in a spotless home just in case I get the call for a showing.

Finally, it’s over. Amazing. It’s like that feeling of release right after you and the hubby finally have a night alone. It’s so strange and wonderful!

And for some odd reason the new stress-free (for a few days) me came up with this: Grocery Bingo Sheet. Born of watching fried parents with a cart full of children try in vain to remember what the hell they ventured to the store for in the first place.

Print. Keep in the car for those emergency grocery trips and hand out at your discression.


Yay for mommies.

Yay for distracted kiddos.

Yay for finally selling my damn house!

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