Happy New Year to Me. Mod Cloth Style.

Yup. It’s 2014. The New Year has begun. Have you started weighing yourself? Torturing yourself with crazy expectations?

Here’s a different kindof resolution for you, SPOIL YOURSELF.

Take a break from scrutinizing your ass and start the new year off on a positive note!

Check out some of my favorite finds on one of my favorite fun shopping sites: ModCloth.com

Preview of “ModCloth Finds”

1. Thrive Got Work To Do Heel – $144.99

2. A Dash of Flair Dress – $52.99

3. Mix & Much Flatware Set in Ocean – $33.99

4. Esther Williams Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Red – $89.99

5. Modest Moxie Dress – $52.99

6. Defined the Scenes Flat in Royal Blue – $29.99

7. Curtsy for Yourself Dress in Cobalt – $92.99

8. Chain the Rules Hair Comb – $12.99

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Pinterest of Interest – Bachelorette Party Looks

My girlfriend’s wedding is quickly approaching. We’re down to a matter of days.

Next weekend is the bachelorette party and because of an odd assortment of women gathering for the occasion, I requested the guests wear their favorite LBD.

In celebration of this, I present a selection of Little Black Dresses from every corner of Pinterest. A great assortment of styles and prices.

So go ahead and find that perfect little black dress for your Bitchin Bachelorette Party!

1. French Connection Comet Stretch Dress with Lace Detail – $143.45. Love me some French Connection. If you have the petite frame these kinds of body conscious dresses are made for, go for it, bitch.

2. Swathed in Suave Dress – $49.99. Whoa. Talk about old school lingerie in a hot LBD.

3. Ella Moss Tabitha Solid Dress – $188. A little rock n’ roll and a little dirty school girl. Bachelorette? Yes, please.

4. Cotton Spandex Underwire Bustier Skater Dress – $54. I’m all about any dress that pushes my ladies up even further.

5. Anthropologie At Dusk Dress – $298. Looking for something a little less “crazy slutty weiner party?” Look no further.

6. H&M Lace Dress – $24. But just in case you were looking for that “crazy slutty weiner party,” look no further.

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Pinterest of Interest – Traveling Momma Edition

Our first big family trip is on the horizon. Four plane rides, a week in a far away city and tons of family to visit…I’ve been mentally packing for weeks. We have the travel stroller, the diapers, the formula, her clothes, shoes, hats and coats in case it’s cold, packed food in case we’re trapped on the plane for days and everything else you can possibly imagine EXCEPT … for Mommy’s clothes.


We tend to forget ourselves. A funny thing considering we were at one point the center of our own universes for a time.

But not only am I packing for the first trip I’ve been able to take in years (due to pregnancy and baby) but it’s also my first autumn trip in ages! FALL clothes, baby!

Check out my favorite fall looks for the traveling Momma.

Preview of “Travelling Momma”

1. Been eye-balling these boot socks for months. $34. SOLD! The Lacey Lou Gold Openwork Leg Warmers

2. I’m obsessed with this look, minus the bag. I mean seriously, I can’t stand skin bags. How old are we? 90? 10 Great Winter Looks

3. Such cute Autumn hair inspiration. Alex Crabtree’s Hair & Makeup Blog.

4. Well ofcourse I’m obsessed with this $1200 Burberry coat. Someone should buy it for me. Burberry.com

5. Check out this great Instagram feed for fabulous style inspiration.

6. How amazing would these be for EVERYTHING! Shoemint.com


Later, comrades!

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Style Like A Princess

We all love Kate Middleton. Even you haters being all, “I don’t get the big deal. Women have babies every day. Who cares about some royal baby?” I do. So shut your stupid face.

So ofcourse when I found this blurb on WomensHealthMagazine.com about how to style yourself like the Princess, I clicked my little heart out.

“This limited-edition line will be available starting August 8 in Banana Republic stores and on BananaRepublic.com and it includes nearly 40 pieces, from dresses and clutches to bangles and totes. And everything is $150 or less! Check out some of the new styles below—including one that has us reminiscing about that blue engagement dress!”


Royal Blue Wrap-Tie Dress
Royal Blue ¾-Sleeve Wrap-Tie Dress, $130.00; Cognac Envelope Clutch, $98.00

Now tell me you didn’t just add August 8th to your calendar and plan to snatch this little piece up. Because this girl sure plans on it.

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Pinterest of Interest – Bridal Jewelry

Looking for that extra UMPH for your wedding dress? That little bit of sparkle and wow for that first moment everyone turns and looks right at you? Check these fine pieces out. Ranging from the inexpensive to the exorbitant.

Preview of “Bridal Statement Pieces”

1. Shoulder Necklace – This is so dainty. Very Charlotte’s web…with lots of money.

2.Twisted Pearl Statement Necklace – Okay, admittedly the bride is ridiculous looking so the necklace by default looks amazing too, but still…it’s pretty.

3. Tiffany & Co. Great Gatsby Headpiece – I can’t. I just can’t. Somebody raise $200,000 and get this for me. I can’t even look at it for too long that’s how much I love it.

4. A slew of Statement Bridal Necklaces – But this particular one is my favorite.

5. Crystal Silk Chiffon Train – Someone do this. Do it right now!

6. Josephine Ultimate Swarovski – Holy moly. I need this for everyday gym activity.


Now go buy me all of these.

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Pinterest of Interest – Trending Bridal Styling

Weddings on the brain. My Pinterest of Interest list today is all about trending Bridal hair styles for your nuptials (or friends nuptials or ideas you wish you had for your past nuptials…whatever).

All the links have been sniffed out by me. The last is kind of a classic for Pinterest but I had to include it since it’s exactly how I wore my hair for our wedding. As shown below by my own wedding nostalgia.

Preview of “Bridal Hair Looks”

1.Floral crowns are all the rage. But not like tripping acid, hippy wedding outside Woodstock floral crowns. Romantic and delicate crowns. Think Jane Austen in the English Countryside. Love it.

2.This Tumblr image is so amazing I had to atleast include it for makeup and hair inspiration. It’s classic and beautiful. I’ve always been an advocate of non-trendy looks for a wedding. After all, how many of our parents have looked back at the hot pink 80’s bridesmaid dresses and wanted to kill themselves?

3. Brides.com Floral Crow – Again floral crowns are in. I love this one because of the overall style of the low messy bun and vintage gown. If you can pull this off, go for it.

4. 20’s style is hitting big with the release of Gatsby. This headpiece may be a little over the top but it’s a wedding. Go big or go home.

5. More vintage hair. This one is so retro and hot that I just about swooned when I saw it. Cute, cutey, cute, cute.

6. Maskcara.com Hair Tutorial for Victoria Secret curls– Literally exactly how I wore my hair and LOVED it. I did not have this super easy tutorial at the time and paid my hair lady to work her magic. But it’s the same premise. I found this site a few months ago and now stalk the blogger.


Enjoy ladies. I’m all about the hair today.

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10 Year Reunion Update

I previously theorized what I would wear to my Ten Year High School Reunion, here.

When picturing the event, I had always imagined more of a Romy and Michelle kindof thing as opposed to being married, a Mom and a professional. I really didn’t think I’d be dressing a recently made post baby body either. Since I decided to procreate anyway, I had to adjust my awesome slick all black boob dress plan to something a little less cleavagey. This actualy isn’t for the reason you think. It’s not because I thought my husband or child would say, “Woah, Mom. You’re ass looks huge.” Nope. Nothing like that. Actually, it’s because my boobs, large D’s prior to baby are still in the F range. They are currently uncontrollable.

And then there was the venue. Our 5-Year Reunion had been held in the clubhouse of a shitty apartment complex down the street from our old school. At the time I kindof understood since we were all mostly just graduating from college and pretty poor. But for our 10 Year Reunion I thought for sure we’d class it up a bit. Instead, the invitation read “Brewsky’s, 8 pm.” Brewsky’s is a local sports bar where dirty old men go to buy drinks for underage girls “playing pool” in the back. Dirty.

I forced my husband to attend and we got there about 35 minutes after it started. We really had no reason to be late except that I had worked the night before and hadn’t gotten any sleep. I may as well have showed up hammered for as lucid as I was.

My husband and I both looked hot. I was rocking the long dark hair in bouncy curls, skinny dark jeans that were essentially more stretch than jean and a cobalt blue racerback tank that downplayed how giant my boobs had gotten. Ofcourse I broke our my favorite black wedges (the closest I’ve come to heels since my vagina ripped open and my kid climbed out), my classiest black Michael Kors purse and two of my favorite pieces of jewelry my husband ever gave me: pearl studded earrings and my giant pink engagement ring.

This is the closest similar look I could come up with:

What I Actually Wore to My 10 Year Reunion

My husband was wearing a crazy sharp black button down with dark jeans and black leather loafers. He’s been out of the military for over a year and though he loves to flaunt his new ability to wear facial hair any given day of the week, he always wears his hair high and tight. We looked like a successful, happy, good looking young couple. I don’t know why neither of us thought to take a picture since it was the first time we had really gone out in almost a year. (We hit up a different party later and got in around 2am.)

We marched into the back party room of the bar and…stopped. About 40 people looked back at us. I recognized maybe a quarter of them. And they mostly looked fat and very under dressed. I mean, I realize we’re in a shit hole bar but damn…do your makeup. And what about your hair? A ponytail? Did you just leave the gym? Do you have a small child at home and work full time and run an online business and have a husband who works out of town and only got TWO FUCKING HOURS OF SLEEP before coming tonight? No? Oh that’s me.

And I still managed to look hot.

We immediately blew off the (ex)popular crowd sitting at the head of the long pieced together table and went directly to sit near the people I still cared to talk to. I introduced my husband and could feel people staring at us. Clearly we should have adjusted our Night Out standards for this shitty little party.

Eventually, I made the rounds and forced conversation with people I didn’t actually care about or really remember. My husband did his duty as the spouse and chatted with other spouses who didn’t care about the goings on of our class.

At one point I was gestured over by an ex cheerleader to glance at a couple pages in some yearbook she had held on to. She pointed at a picture as she sat next to the burnt out class stoner wearing the same shitty clothes he wore in high school. She asked me, “You were in the Yearbook club, right?” I thought about it. Was I? I vaguely remembered working on layouts and writing witty blurbs so I figured that sounded right. “Yeah. I think so.” The stoner kid looked at me and laughed, “Loser!”

Now, normally I would punch a bitch in the face for saying something like that. Been there. Done that. Several times.

But instead of showing him all the cool moves I had learned to control unhappy rapists and guys on wet trying to eat their girlfriends’ skin off, I did something completely different.

I looked at him. Took in his same baked expression and thread bare Polo from high school and…laughed.

“Yup,” I said, “I’m the loser.”

I then walked away and felt the silence at my back.

It’s by far my favorite high school memory.

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