First Bad Review. Bummer.

I’ve always been a twisted sort of perfectionist. Hardcore into the details when I’m doing well and very “Fuck this!” when I’m not. That is ofcourse a rather large personality flaw when running your own small business.

Unfortunately, I received my very first poor review on Etsy tonight. I’m bummed. Out of five stars, I received three.

My first thought was to question every single decision I had so far made with my business.

What was I doing? Why did I start this business? Why do I suck so bad?

The review said my response time and service were great but they were disappointed in the invitation print quality and envelopes. SAD!

But despite that nagging, crappy feeling in the pit of my stomach, I remembered that I am a badass. I can do pretty much anything.

I put my big girl pants on and immediately responded to the customer with a refund and apology.

I have already ordered new envelopes AND arranged for a meeting with my printer to discuss other paper options.


I’m still sad. I love working with my customers. I’m psyched to meet with brides and to hand customers their finished products! I love receiving emails with pictures and feedback!

But I have decided to think of this incident as a speed bump…

I once launched a work car off of a speed bump going 65 miles an hour. It was awesome and very Hollywood. I kept control of the vehicle and landed it flawlessly….much to the surprise of my partner who had a slight concussion from slamming into the roof of the car.

I guess I’ll just launch my little business off this speed bump, land it perfectly and bow afterwards.

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New In The Shop – Valentines Day Edition

Oh, the new things I’ve been dreaming up lately. I’m so excited to show off my new customized stationary line! It’s almost here! Just a few more days! The January Facebook giveaway winners will be the first to receive their Customized stationary designed specifically for each of them!

But until then, take a look at these fun Valentines day dandies!

Preview of “Preview Octopus Vday Card”

Download your Old Sucker Vday cards here!

Preview of “Preview SoyMates Vday Card”

Or download your awesome Soy Mates Vday cards here!

And follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for monthly giveaways!

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Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I realize I have been ridiculously complacent with my blogger duties lately. I apologize. Christmas has taken over the world.

Just as an update here are some of the things I’ve been up to lately:

These. Which you can order here.


This. Because I can sometimes be a crafty Mom.


These. (This is only a quarter of the stack that has gone out so far.)


Her. I made her.


Trying to keep the above tiny person from ripping off Santa’s limbs. Failed.


AND finally creating a slew of Custom Christmas cards such as the following…

Preview of “ChristmasCheer”

Contact me for your own Custom created Christmas card adventure.

And that is all for now. I will soon return to you as the Christmas frenzy begins to fade.

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Small Business Saturday!

Support your favorite Small Business today! MINE!

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Visit my Etsy page and purchase downloadable Bookplates for your favorite kiddos! OR get a head start on all those January events by ordering your Custom Invitations now!

As always you can contact me with your CUSTOM ORDERS via email at! I LOVE Christmas cards!

Use the code:  SMALLRULZ for 30% through this weekend!

Ends Monday so take advantage!

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Recent Custom Orders in the Shop

If you follow my Facebook page, you will have already seen some of the cool Custom Orders I’ve been working on for super awesome people from around the world.

If you don’t follow my Facebook page…you are seriously missing out.

Check out some of the favorites below!

Preview of “Elvis Facebook”

Preview of “Paris Invite Facebook”

Kennedy's JPG

Elephant Shower Facebook JPG

Parisienne WordSearch JPG

Facebook Bookplates

Jealous? Contact me for your own super sweet Custom Order! Or check me out on Etsy if you saw something you like!

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Pumpkin Patch Themed Birthday Invitations!

Jilly is soon to turn 1 year old. ONE! I can hardly wrap my head around my 5 lb 9 oz premie marching across the room like a tiny soldier with Dr. Brown hair.

To celebrate we are planning a birthday party/house warming/autumn bbq for both our family and close friends.

I started the planning by deciding we HAD to do a pumpkin patch theme. We have a local pumpkin patch that has become a regional treasure. Everyone I know has grown up visiting every fall and now takes their children for turkey legs, fat pumpkin pies and chocolate covered apples. Holy cow. My mouth just started watering.

My first thought was we should plan the party at the pumpkin patch. Then I realized: A. I am not rich. B. My kid will not remember if I spend $600 hosting some crazy party in her honor.

Being the realist that I am, we are hosting the party at our home and have made the theme, Pumpkin Patch Fun!

I will no doubt update you as my planning process progresses but until then feast your eyes on step 1: Sending out cute pictures of my kid.

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And this is how the whole suite looked when it was sent out…


I even managed to find some cute autumn flower themed stamps! Boom. Mom rules.



Fun, right? She’s pretty excited.

And ofcourse so is Mommy.

As always, you can purchase the entire suite on my Etsy page.

It’s fall, ya’ll!

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